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Kivu Café molido - 250g

» Café Liégeois
» Ref : 106037

Ground coffee packaged in a protective atmosphere. On the border between Congo and Rwanda, the high plateaux bordering Lake Kivu are favourable to growing high-quality coffee. The altitude and the humid tropical climate, combined with the richness of the soil, give the grain a slight citrus taste, as well as beautiful persistence in the mouth.
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Café Liégeois Café molido Subtil - 250gr Mild and silky, this coffee for special moments reveals the fullness of its aromas, the subtlety of its blends and its perfect taste.
2,64 €
Café Liégeois Café molinoPuissant - 250gr As it unfolds, its intense and full-bodied taste will sweep you away on a wave of pleasure.
2,64 €
Café Liégeois Café molido Discret (Descafeinado) - 250gr Esta mezcla descafeinado se caracteriza por un aroma denso, cargado de sabor y la emoción.
2,64 €
Café Liégeois Café molido Magnifico - 250gr Magnifico, the most Italian of Cafés Liégeois' coffees, distils its flavours for connoisseurs who understand the price and value of things...
2,83 €

Café Liégeois Mano Mano 1kg granos de café An excellent espresso that is fairtrade, sustainable and ecological!
18,82 €

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