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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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The Italians’ favourite coffee.

Our goal has always been to let the world discover the taste and quality of a real Italian espresso. Excellence, innovation and a long experience are 3 of our best weapons to reach that goal. Luigi Lavazza invented the art of blending different types of coffee beans to make an exceptional coffee with a unique and inimitable taste.

The LavAzza group is N°1 in quality coffee and is well-known all over the world as being the symbol of the real Italian espresso and of the Italian culture.


From the coffee tree to the cup

The fruit: the coffee route is situated between the tropic of Capricorn and the tropic of Cancer where the Coffea Arabica and the Coffea Canephora (Robusta) grow at an altitude between 200 and 2000 metres.

Both plants produce little green berries that become as big as a cherry when mature, with a beautiful bright red or deep yellow colour.

That’s when LavAzza’s job begins.With the same and only goal for over a century: guarantee the customer a constant and excellent coffee so that the name ‘Lavazza’ remains a synonym of quality.

The 4 Lavazza plants are all in Italy: Settimo Torinese (Turin), Verres (Aosta), Gattinara
(Vercelli) and Pozzili (Isernia).

Production >
There are several steps in the production process: selecting, arrival at the plant, tasting in laboratories, stocking the beans, blending, roasting, grinding and packaging.

The blend>
The blending and supplying to the machines is automated and run by a central command unit that controls every step of the process.

This is when coffee undergoes its transformation. The aromas and flavours develop. The roasting cycle (duration + temperature) can vary according to the origin of the beans and to the blend itself. Air is heated up by machines to a very high temperature that warms up the coffee and keeps it suspended. The beans lose 16 to 22 % of their weight.


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