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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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Tea is healthy!

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Recent studies have confirmed that tea is good for your health.


Food or medicine?

Why do scientists study the virtues of tea? Simply because it is a cocktail of all kinds of interesting substances. The polyphenols for instance have a protective action. They have an anti oxidizing effect, slow down the aging process of the cells and lower the risk of contracting diseases. The anti oxidizing substances that are contained in tea are even more efficient than C and E vitamins.


An anti-cancer weapon

Scientist all over the world have of course wondered whether tea could protect against cancer. It seems it could. The tea polyphenols could help to fight against tumours. Several studies tend to confirm it. This is generally linked with the consumption of black tea. Other studies also show that tea would protect against the UV rays, which would be a blessing for the skins which are exposed to the sun. However, we have to say that all those results about the positive action of tea against cancer have to be confirmed by further studies.


Tea is good for your heart!

Tea is efficient to prevent heart diseases thanks to its anti oxidizing substances. If you drink 3 cups of tea a day, the risk of heart attack would fall by 11%. But be careful! Drinking more tea than recommended would be dangerous: it could cause anaemia, especially among pregnant women.


Keep cool!

Tea is not only good for your body, it is also good for your head! Of course it contains theïne (also called caffeine) but in much smaller quantity than in a cup of coffee. It also depends on the duration of the infusion. In 3 minutes, you get 50% of the caffeine out of the plant. In 5 minutes, 80%! A sensible consumption of tea helps you be vigilant especially when you are tired. Hot drinks like tea also help fight stress and anxiety.


Want to lose weight? Don’t expect a miracle!

Drinking tea won’t make you lose weight! Of course, if you don’t add sugar, you can drink tea to help you get rid of toxins. Even if Japanese studies have shown a loss of weight thanks to a diet based on the consumption of tea, you’d better think twice: it was a diet for mice… So, the best thing to do it to eat less and keep moving!

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