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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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Training Center Lavazza

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The Lavazza Company from Turin, Italy, has the first training network with 7 branches all around the world. The training network was created in 1995. In 2000 it started creating new products and espresso recipes.

The Lavazza Training Centre has been working for many years, both in Italy and abroad, as an institution devoted to technical and professional training, both within the firm and outside. The Centre is also acting as a reference point for the Firm’s external relationships, meeting guests from countries all over the world, and offering specific training courses to fulfil information and training requests for those wishing to widen, qualify and bring up to date their knowledge of coffee. In fact, the Centre is also a specialized school where professional operators in the food and beverage field can improve their skills in coffee making, and in improving their service to their customers in bars, restaurants and hotels.

The Centre’s "students" can further their knowledge on the history and geography of coffee, its distribution, its organoleptic characteristics, its consumption in Italy and abroad. And, of course, all the secrets necessary to obtain the best final product in their coffee cups. This service aims at offering to the participants top-quality professional training, so that they in turn can satisfy their own customers. The preparation of an excellent espresso coffee depends in fact on a great number of factors like the quality of the blend, the perfect functioning of all equipment, and above all, a technical mastery of the entire coffee process.

The Lavazza Centre for Study and Research On Coffee was created in 1979, soon followed by the Bar School which is dedicated to the training of professionals. At the end of the eighties, both combined and gave birth to the Training Centre that is aimed at training professionals as well as at creating new innovative recipes. The Training Centre from Turin was inaugurated in the mid nineties and it soon became the heart of the network that covers the whole world.

The ‘Training Centres’ in the world

There are 46 Training Centres in the world:

-America : Chicago, New York and Rio de Janeiro
- Africa : Casablanca and Johannesburg
- Asia : Bangkok, Istanbul, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tel-Aviv et Tokyo
- Europe : Amsterdam, Arezzo, Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Moscow, Bratislava, Brussels, Catane, Cyprus, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Naples, Padoue, Paris, Pescara, Porto, Prague, Reykjavik, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Tallinn, Turin, Vienna and Zagreb
- Oceania : Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sidney

In order to stimulate dynamism and competition in its laboratories, Lavazza carefully chooses its partners and invites them to explore every aspect of the universe of coffee.

Cooperating with Ferran Adria, the famous Catalan chef, has made it possible for Lavazza to create revolutionary new concepts:

The CoffeeSphere is a coffee that can be eaten. It is a real coffee egg that you’ll have to eat with a spoon.

Passion>Me is a cocktail of coffee and passion fruit juice.

The Venezuelan designer Sardi created the Cookie cup which is a cup made of biscuit. You can eat it after having drunk your coffee…

The Italian ‘Classical’ products

Italian favourites are the Caffè Shakerato (iced coffee), Espresso Doppio (double espresso), Espresso Macchiato (with a thin layer of milk froth), Espresso con panna (with whipped cream) or the Latte Macchiato (hot milk with an espresso).

A school for a perfect espresso

There are different training courses to suit all needs and demands. The cosy bar is fully equipped in order to offer the professional the perfect environment for his training. Every year 20,000 people attend the courses. All the techniques are taught by graduated trainers.

In Paris, you can choose between three different options:

·         The Basic Coffee Course which lasts for half a day.

·         The Intermediate Coffee Course which lasts for one day

·         The Master Coffee Course which lasts for 2 days, the last day being dedicated to the preparation of recipes.

Research and Development

The Research and Development department tries to find specific solutions. It deals with comprehensive offers integrating marketing solutions. This can only happen through a close cooperation between Lavazza and its partners.

A human experience

For most of us, coffee just means our daily cup. However, it is much more than that: it is a whole culture. Looking back on its origins, the Lavazza Training Centre enables you to discover coffee in a different way. Everything is important, from the coffee which is delivered in 1k packs to the hot drink in your cup.

If you get to know coffee better, you’ll also have a better knowledge of how that living substance behaves

The new Lavazza Go - An espresso to take-away!

Bars, hotels and restaurants are getting ready to welcome the new product by Lavazza: the ‘Lavazza-Go!”. It is the first espresso to take-away. Its very attractive price is another trump which is likely to make it a big success.

The “Lavazza-Go!” is a carefully prepared espresso which can be drunk is a beaker which keeps it warm and prevents you from burning your fingers. Carefully packed for a perfect hygiene it is delivered with a lid that keeps its cream and aromas intact.

This new concept is an answer to the demand from Lavazza’s partners who have to deal with a general ban on smoking in public places. The “Lavazza-Go” is a way to adapt to this new way of consuming: “take-away coffee”.

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