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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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Coffee and your health

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Many people couldn’t live without their daily cup of coffee. Beside its stimulating effects, coffee also has many other virtues. Far away from a common brownish drink…


Coffee is (except water) the most popular drink in our country. Sixty-four percent of the population drinks coffee every day. The average consumer drinks 4 cups a day. We can say that the average Belgian is well exposed to the effects of caffeine. But is it really a problem?


Insomniacs, FORGET IT!

Caffeine is well-known for its stimulating effect on our central nervous system. Sleeping-in could be delayed, especially for very sensitive persons.


Caffeine also helps our body to produce heat from its energetic reserves. This is however quite limited and it is in no way whatsoever a method to lose weight.


I think of it and then forget it

The most interesting effects of caffeine are no doubt the ones on our mental capacities, especially among senior citizens. Studies have shown that being a regular coffee drinker can help you improve your long-term memory and help you move faster.


Being vigilant

Studies have shown that the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee can make you deal with information up to 10% faster. That’s why coffee is the ideal after-dinner drink.

Is it a drug?

Surely not! But some regular coffee drinkers who are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine could suffer from headaches and feelings of fatigue for a while if they suddenly give up drinking coffee.


Coffee and your neurons

Several studies have shown that those who regularly drink coffee (especially men) had a lower risk of contracting the Parkinson disease.



Coffee makes digestion easier. It stimulates the intestinal transit and the secretion of pancreatic juice that is necessary for the digestion.

Coffee is also good for the contraction of the gall-bladder that is necessary for the digestion of fat. The risk of gall-stone is also lower among coffee drinkers.


Coffee and anti oxidizing substances

Recent scientific works have proved that coffee (even more than tea) is a remarkable reserve of anti oxidizing substances.

This is due to the ‘polyphenols’ that are widespread in plants (like coffee for example).


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