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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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Chocolate, the magic love spell

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Cacao has always been considered as a powerful aphrodisiac. It is probably more famous than it is really effective but it is however true that chocolate contains substances (such as caffeine and theobromine) that have an antidepressant and energizing effect which can stimulate the sexual appetite.


The reputation of chocolate as being a powerful aphrodisiac is a fact. The Aztecs and other great lovers (Mme de Pompadour, Mme du Barry and other courtesans) used chocolate to stimulate the senses.


1. The Aztecs

During the Aztec period, chocolate already had the reputation of being an aphrodisiac. That’s why the emperor Montezuma could drink up to 50 cups of chocolate a day, especially when he had planned to pay a visit to his harem… It has to be said that the chocolate as it was prepared by the Aztecs was very spicy (chilly peppers, pepper, cloves). No wonder then that is was often used as an aphrodisiac.


2. The chocolate of the courtesans

At the time of the courtesans (17th and 18th century) chocolate really played an important part in the high society. Mme de Pompadour and Mme du Barry used to drink lots of it. They thought it would stimulate their bodies and desires. However, it is obvious that chocolate had a very stimulating effect rather on the imagination than on the bodies… At that time, cacao was a really exotic product with a smell of adventure and passion.


The writer Savarin used chocolate combined with amber to stimulate its aphrodisiac virtues.


There is a superstition about chocolate. The Marquess de Sévigné thought chocolate had obscure powers: in October 1761 she wrote: “The Marquess de Coetlongen had drunk so much chocolate that being pregnant, she gave birth to a little boy, as black as the devil, who died shortly afterwards…”


The love elixir from Guatemala

  1. Put 2 vanilla pods into 1 litre milk and heat for 10 minutes. Take out the pods, squeeze them to get all the flavours out and scratch them to collect the seeds.
  2. Add 2 spoons of cocoa into ¼ litre warm water and stir. Add the warm milk and keep on stirring. Then add 2 spoons of honey and the same quantity of brown sugar.
  3. Stir a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper or Tabasco into the milk, a pinch of salt and a glass of rum or tequila.

Drink it warm or well-chilled.

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