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Indian coffee plant marks next stage of global expansion
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Green tea may curb risk of some cancers

Drinking green tea may lower your risk of developing certain blood cancers
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Tea, coffee or chocolate?

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Subtile aromas, smooth flavours, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are welcome guests at any time of the day. The consumer is now very hard to please and is changing his habits, opening the way to new more elaborate products.


“As black as the devil, as hot as hell, as pure as an angel or as sweet as love”. That’s what Talleyrand said when he described the complex delight and ambiguity of coffee with its charming aromas. Tea and chocolate also have their supporters… It’s a challenging competition!

Arabica originally comes from the Ethiopian coffee plants which produce a mild coffee which is full of aromas. It represents about 70% of the whole world production. The Robusta beans give an easily recognizable coffee and contain about 50% to 60% more caffeine. Those who like tea can now choose between fruity teas, spicy teas or original blends! You should discover the universe of white, green red, black, Oolong or floral tea! A whole universe made of geography, history and spirituality. A trip around the world!


A second wind

After the very hot summer of 2003 which penalized the consumption of hot drinks, the market still hasn’t got its second wind, especially when it comes to coffee and young people. We drink less hot drinks than before. The only sector that is growing is the one of pods and pads (individual servings).

It is slightly different with tea, thanks to the success of green tea and iced tea. The flavours are more complex. However, the consumers don’t easily change their habits. Many new products appear on the market but the situation doesn’t apparently change a lot. We should rather talk of long-term changes. The hot drinks market now concentrates its efforts on variety and delicacy.


New flavours, new stars

Hot drinks are not just “tea-coffee-chocolate”. The new trend is to offer flavoured drinks. Hazelnut, roast almond, cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate for even more pleasure. New ingredients, new recipes. Cappuccino has long been a well-known favourite but now come the new stars: macchiato, caffè latte and other mochas. These sweet specialities are not as strong as a traditional little black coffee and are very popular among the young consumers. There are new trends in the tea consumption too: a high quality product is still what matters most but now the “healthy” aspect is getting more and more important too. Wellness, relaxation and energy are important elements in the consumer’s choice. There are numerous ways of making or blending tea. Bubble tea which is made of tapioca pearls, pieces of fruit, milk and of course tea is a good and chic example of that new trend. The chilled drinks are another success story of today. Another important aspect of the changes that are occurring is the importance place that is devoted to the equipment.  Since tea pads have been launched, most new products that appear on the market have something to do with individual servings. Teabags are still popular but now new machines begin to appear on the market. Nowadays you can easily prepare with the same machine an Italian espresso, a genuine cappuccino, a creamy hot chocolate or a delicious green tea.


Chocolate-coffee: mix 10cl cold coffee with 5cl cream and 5cl chocolate cream.


Coffee Smile: heat up one cup of coffee, 3cl chocolate cream and one tablespoon of brown sugar. Pour into a glass, cover with a layer of whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate powder.


Coffee Diablo: heat up 2cl Cognac, 1cl orange liqueur and 2 cloves. Flambé and pour into a cup of coffee. Add a slice of orange to decorate.


Fruit tea: pour 15cl cold tea over a bed of ice cubes. Add 5cl orange juice, 4cl blackcurrant syrup and 3cl lemon juice. Chill well and add small pieces of fruit.


Golden Tea: heat up while stirring 5cl Pastis and 10cl cream. Add 2 egg yolks and 3 tablespoons sugar. Pour into a glass of tea and decorate with a cinnamon stick.



The fair-trade concept started in the early sixties. It guarantees the producer a minimum income. The slogan is ‘Fair Trade, not aid’. After a quick growth in the first half of the nineties, it appears that the development of Fairtrade is now slower than before. Keeping the sales in an upward trend in the next years is the new challenge Fairtrade has to face. The solution will maybe come from dealing with other partners like big scale distributor networks that had until recently been neglected.

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