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The story of a Passion :

The story of our Passion started with the purchase of our first coffee roasting machines and continues now with our ultramodern Café Liégeois plant in Battice. It is also the story of a man and his passion: Charles Liégeois. A passion that he has passed on to his sons, Michel and Benoît. In about half a century, it has been necessary to extend the plant 5 times. There are now subsidiary companies in Luxemburg and in Brussels.

Our roasting :

Your benefit !

We’ve been experts in roasting for over 50 years now so that we can guarantee a coffee with a constant taste.
We have visited lots of plantations tasted different species and smelled hundreds of aromas so that we have now acquired a real know-how.

You can trust us !

The best products Café Liégeois :

TEA PADS : du individual servings

A brand new way of making tea: a pad, a machine, switch on and there you are! Ready in a second and yet as delicious as a traditionally prepared tea.


The best coffees in the world. Masterpieces that will fulfil all the connoisseurs’ desires. Pure perfection.

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